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Lucie Štěpánková —
Sound artist, electro-acoustic musician, DJ, improviser and curator.



Avsluta - Ākāsagata
Remixed by Primal Code and Saphileaum
Label: Secuencias Temporales
Release Date: 23rd May 2022

Listen and buy here.

            Ākāsagata is Avsluta’s second solo release that materialised over the past two years in the flux of coming in and out of moments of inspiration and creative flow. This time allowed for a deeper dive into the ever shifting inspirations behind Avsluta’s creative output and finding a way to sculpt new material with these elements in mind.

She merges influences from tribal-infused ambient, percussive downtempo and the deeper, hazier shades of electronica to conjure up an imaginative hypnotising world of her own.

Complimenting the three original tracks are two remixes by Primal Code and Saphileaum, the artists that have been a long-standing source of inspiration for Lucie and that are bringing a more energetic, dancier pace into the mix.