Lucie Štěpánková — Avsluta

Sound Art & Improvisation

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Multi-media Works
  1. ebb~flow
  2. Echoes from the Semiospheres
  3. Rest In Nature

Lucie Štěpánková —
Sound artist, electro-acoustic musician, DJ, improviser and curator.


Echoes from the Semiospheres

Project developed in collaboration with Maite de Orbe, James Treagus, and Pietro Bardini.

Investigating the means by which entities can be defined by their relationships rather than their conventional classification, ‘Echoes from the Semiospheres’ is a multimedia piece resulting from the research of the electrochemical mycorrhizal transmissions of the roots of a peace lily plant and their sonification. Through micro-voltage sensors and digital processing, these frequencies are harvested and manifested in two ways. Firstly, the data are presented in a humanly inaudible form which challenges the anthropocentric views applied to plant intelligence, communal behaviours and non-verbal means of communication and knowledge-making. Secondly, the collected data are programmed to interfere with Claude Debussy’s impressionist piano piece ‘Clair de Lune’ as a demonstration of the existence of these processes and for the audience to hear.