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Lucie Štěpánková —
Sound artist, electro-acoustic musician, DJ, improviser and curator.



Ethno Service - NMA002
(Avsluta Remix)

Album: Ethno Service - NMA
Label: LBD Sounds
Release Date: 27th May 2022

Listen and buy here.

            Ethno Service, a moniker for two electronic musicians based in Prague, are here with their debut long-player ‘NMA’.

Released via LBD Sounds tape series, it comprises six masterfully crafted original compositions and a couple of remixes, including an uneasy jungle rework by Exhausted Modern’s new alias Oblaka and a spaced-out ambient escapism remix by voodoo priestess Lucie aka Avsluta.

It’s not an easy listening affair, broken and sometimes unnerving rhythms blended with duo’s uniquely moody atmosphere, ever morphing and taking you places you didn’t even know existed. Expect percussion-heavy tracks on a lower side of bpm spectrum. You may dive into this album horizontally, or try to find out if it’s still danceable. Is it? Sure it is!