Lucie Štěpánková — Avsluta

Sound Art & Improvisation

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  2. Echoes from the Semiospheres
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Lucie Štěpánková —
Sound artist, electro-acoustic musician, DJ, improviser and curator.


Sound Art & Improvisation

                    “Amplifying objects and different sounding things, Lucie Štěpánková, aka Avsluta, interacting with the room as an instrument, gave voice to muted matter, enlivening dead objects, as a reference to the fundmental frequency of the non-living vibratile environment. Overwhelmed by scaled up sounds coming from above and around, while witnessing the minuscule sources of resonance, watching the tiny items handled in the artist’s petite hands, we sank under the waves coming from the spherical speaker system. We dived into the unfolded depths of the objects’ inner selves.”
- ‘Amoenus & IKLECTIK Art Lab, artistic explorations into 3D audio’ by Agata Kik for CLOT Mag

            Lucie has been developing her improvisation practice for the past 7 years both as an artist, live performer and educator.

She was a visiting Lecturer of Improvisation and Performative Practice at University of the Arts London between 2019 and 2021 and delivered a masterclass and workshop on “Improvisation for Music Production and Live Performance” as part of SHAPE x Synapse in Prague in 2021. In collaboration with AMOENUS founder Christian Duka, she delivered a workshop titled “Designing an Immersive Audio Ecosystem”, as part of the Digital Innovation Season at Central St Martins, UAL in 2022.  

As an artist, her improvisation practice is concerned with sound-making with objects and conceptually revolves around ecology, Deep Listening and non-human agency. Lucie performs solo and collaboratively across local experimental music venues such as Cafe OTO and IKLECTIK, and internationally - notably at Hangar Pirelli Bicocca (IT), CONSTRUCTION Festival (UA) and LUNCHMEAT Festival (CZ) among others.