Live Performances


                    “Amplifying objects and different sounding things, Lucie Štěpánková, aka Avsluta, interacting with the room as an instrument, gave voice to muted matter, enlivening dead objects, as a reference to the fundmental frequency of the non-living vibratile environment. Overwhelmed by scaled up sounds coming from above and around, while witnessing the minuscule sources of resonance, watching the tiny items handled in the artist’s petite hands, we sank under the waves coming from the spherical speaker system. We dived into the unfolded depths of the objects’ inner selves.”

‘Amoenus & IKLECTIK Art Lab, artistic explorations into 3D audio’ by Agata Kik for CLOT Mag

4DSOUND x Amoenus: Free Improvisation in Spatial Sound at Stone Nest
by Valya Korabelnikova

Live at Petrohradská Kolektiv
by Marie Lelicova

NEXT Festival 2021 at Cafe OTO w/ David Toop
by Andrej Chudy