Spatial Sound & Installations


Quadrophonic durational electro-acoustic live performance and multi-media installation.

Fold. is a performative listening space inviting performers and members of the audience to engage in communal act of deep listening and origami ~ the Japanese art of paper folding.

David Toop on Fold. available to read here.

Durational Live Performance 

The live performance consists of twelve performers together folding a thousand origami cranes, a tradition known as shenbazuru. Acoustic sounds of paper folding are recorded, layered and diffused live across four speakers surrounding the gallery space.  

The composition progressively evolves in real time as more origami cranes are folded and join the ever growing sonic swarm. The performance concludes once a thousand cranes have been folded by the group. During the event presented at Hundred Years Gallery, the performance lasted approximately 6.5 hours. 

Quadrophonic Installation

The thousand origami cranes folded the previous day are arranged in the gallery space, accompanied by the quadrophonic composition recorded, edited and diffused during the live performance element. The installation invites audience members to listen and reflect, learn about and engage in the practice of origami. 

The stereo render of the quadrophonic composition was released on CD and digitally via the Slovakian experimental music and field recordings label LOM ~ listen and support here