Lucie Štěpánková — Avsluta

          Lucie dedicates her creative practice to object-oriented improvisation, live performance, interactive installation, curation and DJing.

          In her improvised electro-acoustic performances, as if working with magnifying glass, she interrogates, animates and amplifies the voices of seemingly inanimate entities and explores our relationship to them through sound-making. Lucie co-creates with found objects and natural materials, field recordings, electronics and digital processing to generate sonic possible ecosystems and speculative ecological narratives. The general aim is to encourage audiences to engage in listening as an active-creative practice and prompt a sense of more-than-human kinship. 

        Lucie runs Introspective Electronics, a platform featuring regular radio shows and guest podcast series and zooming in on the vast diversity of ambient and electronica.

        Together with the London-based DJ and producer Alicia, she co-curates Terra Obscura, a series of progressive club experiences at the grassroots London venue Ormside Projects.

        In collaboration with AMOENUS, she co-organises Sonic Garden, a series of outdoor experimental ambient and downtempo happenings.