Workshops & Talks

            Lucie has been developing her improvisation practice for the past 8 years as an artist, live performer and educator. She was a visiting Lecturer of Improvisation and Performative Practice at University of the Arts London between 2019 and 2021 and delivered workshops, masterclasses and talks on improvisation and live performance strategies for stereo and spatial sound applications over the past four years. Lucie is especially passionate about accessibility and democratisation of the creative process and have previously worked with both musicians and non-musicians, as well as neurodivergent artists and creators

            In 2022 she has become the co-director of Amoenus ~ a London-based non-profit art organisation that facilitates, educates, curates, and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound.


Photo by Iveta Sedláková @ Sound II Light, Patchworks, 2023

  • The Sonic Microscope: Spatial Sound Workshop for Neurodivergent Artists - IKLECTIK (London, UK)
  • Parade of Pause: Acoustic Spatial Sound Improvisation Workshop – Royal College of Art (London, UK)
  • Sonic Ecologies and Deep Listening in Spatial Sound – 4D SOUND - The Stone Nest (London, UK)
  • Object-based Free Improvisation in Spatial Sound – Sound II Light -  Patchworks (London, UK)
  • Fieldwork for Future Ecologies – Royal College of Art (London, UK)
  • Spatial Sound Residencies Facilitator – Sound II Light - Sova Audio (London, UK)
  • Creative Workflow in Spatial Sound for Neurodivergent Students – Birmingham Open Media (Birmingham, UK)

  • Object-based Free Improvisation – Waking Life (Crato, PT) 
  • Deep Listening Soundwalk – Waking Life (Crato, PT)
  • Designing an Immersive Audio Ecosystem – Central St. Martins (London, UK) 

  • Improvisation for Music Production and Live Performance – SHAPE x Synapse - Meet Factory (Prague, CZ)

  • Visiting Lecturer – Improvisation and Performative Practice – University of the Arts (London, UK) 

  • Visiting Lecturer – Improvisation and Performative Practice – University of the Arts (London, UK)
  • Artist Talk – LUNCHMEAT festival: Symposium on Digital Arts (Prague, CZ)